I’ve been meaning to crack open the Jetson and do something useful with it because it’s just been months that it’s been lying around and I haven’t been able to do anything with it.

I recently was bedridden because of an almost epidemic of Dengue that has been ravaging these parts. Part of my recovery was getting down and getting some things that have been lying in the backburner.

The best thing I could figure was to setup Openframeworks on it and make it part of my AV set. Performance has been crazy good, and all the GLSL shaders and OSC communication has been great. Hopefully I’ll be able to push the system to another level and make something truly groundbreaking.

The basic Ofx setup involves these excellent instructions by Madeline Annon

source article

A cross compiling idea that was suggested in the articles, but I just don’t seem to have the harddrive space for a VM yet. Maybe… one day… Follow here

Older instructions for rpi