A month of Julia

Almost a month’s worth of Marching.js sketches exploring various experiments with Julia fractals through the month of July 2020. Marching.js is a JavaScript shader compiler specifically focused on ray marching via signed distance functions. [Read More]
Tags: shaders, creative coding, glsl, javaScript

Running Kinect v1 on Jetson Nano

Last year I ended up working on an installation project that used a Kinect v2 camera. Since the pricing of the units are still pretty high in India even after MicroSoft moved on from them I decided to get a v1. The problem with those if you are not on... [Read More]
Tags: nvidia, jetson, nano, embedded, linux, openframeworks, creative coding, glsl, kinect, depth-camera

Lighting up the Jetson Nano with Cinder

I’ve been on a Openframeworks trip for the past eight years or so and have wondered about starting up with Cinder lib at some point of time. I’m trying to see if 2020 is the year it’ll finally happen. [Read More]

Headless Pi setup

I’ve just finished work on an installation that involved a Kinect with MaxMsp patch (done by someone else) that sent over skeletal tracking data to a SuperCollider composition I wrote. The whole thing was going to run on a couple of windows laptops because MaxMsp doesn’t work on linux, and... [Read More]
Tags: raspberry-pi, embedded, remote management, linux, supercollider, creative coding, livecoding

DDCControl for monitor control

DDCcontrol is a software used to control monitor parameters, like brightness, contrast, RGB color levels and others. [Read More]
Tags: nvidia, jetson, nano, embedded, linux, monitor, i2c