DDCControl for monitor control

DDCcontrol is a software used to control monitor parameters, like brightness, contrast, RGB color levels and others. [Read More]
Tags: nvidia, jetson, nano, embedded, linux, monitor, i2c

Setting up Openframeworks on the Nvidia Jetson Nano

I’ve been meaning to crack open the Jetson and do something useful with it because it’s just been months that it’s been lying around and I haven’t been able to do anything with it. [Read More]
Tags: nvidia, jetson, nano, embedded, linux, openframeworks, creative coding, glsl

Custom BootTidal in Troop

I just started playing with Ryan Kirkbride’s excellent Troop system to play with TidalCycles instead of using the Atom plugin. The first problem I hit upon right after initial playthrough was that I couldn’t use my favourite custom functions in my shared livecoding environment. The simple solution I’m using for... [Read More]
Tags: tidalcycles, troop, livecoding, creativecoding, network-music

Embedding Instagram posts on Jekyll sites

I have been posting a bunch of my music on Instagram for the past few years. Last year turned out to be specially prolific for lazy person like me, mainly because I decided to join #Jamuary2018 and was posting a short piece every day for the month. Later in the... [Read More]