I am a multidisciplinary creative technologist who maintains a practice across film, video, music and web technologies. Having always tried to run away from being put in box I have in turns been a consumer, critic, and maker of tools that allow me and others to make experiences that makes us think, play and inform.

I am interested in using technology itself as a medium that can be molded into various form to tell stories and build experiences. To this end I collaborate with varied artists, and technicians to tackle creative, interactive and technical challenges, and explore various permutations and extensions to art.

my history

I have been the co-founder and technology director of collectives like 3rd Thought Entertainment; a web platform, netlabel, publishing company, and that represented 32 artists from all over the world; Empathiea Films, and Conjure Arts and Media. In capacity of my role as co-founder and technical director of SpotMyGadget.com I designed a recommendation engine based on software I had previously written for a prototype installation for 3rd Thought. This was further developed as part of the architecture for the web application for which I oversaw feature development, engineering and overall production workflow.

As part of my independent practice I served as a Cinematographer, Visual Effects Lead, and Technical Director for the independent Hindi feature film Kshay (2012), by director Karan Gour, which exhibited at various film festivals across the world and later got a theatrical release. As a musician and sound artist I have performed experimental electronic music at venues and events like The Indian Electronica Festival, (Blue Frog, Mumbai), 6 Foot Oscillator in a 4 foot Room (Zenzi Mills, Mumbai), Floatsam with Mukul Deora and Piere-Paolo Allesanderello (Volte, Mumbai), and other collaborative performances with artists like Kargo Pluggy, and Sadahnmo from the 3rd Thought Entertainment roster.

In 2018, filmmaker/vj/mother-of-various-subcultures-in-mumbai Dhanya Pilo and I co-instigated Algorave India, a collective of artists, musicians, and visualists intent on promoting programming as performance art through events called Algoraves. As an extension of this I have performed with live coding platforms TidalCycles and Hydra at Fat Finger Mayhem (`Max Mueller Bhavan, Mumbai, 2018 and 2019), Algorave Sheffield (UK, 2018), International Conference of Live Coding (Madrid, 2019)

I hold diplomas in Web Technologies, Sound Engineering, and Video Post Production from various schools in India and have a Master’s in Television Production from Birmingham City University, UK