I am a multidisciplinary creative technologist who maintains a practice across film, video, music and web technologies. Having always tried to run away from being put in box I have in turns been a consumer, critic, and maker of tools that allow me and others to make experiences that makes us think, play and inform.

I am interested in using technology itself as a medium that can be molded into various form to tell stories and build experiences. To this end I collaborate with varied artists, and technicians to tackle creative, interactive and technical challenges, and explore various permutations and extensions to art.

my history

I have been the co-founder and technology director of collectives like 3rd Thought Entertainment; a web platform, netlabel, publishing company, and that represented 32 artists from all over the world; Empathiea Films, and Conjure Arts and Media. In capacity of my role as co-founder and technical director of SpotMyGadget.com I designed a recommendation engine based on software I had previously written for a prototype installation for 3rd Thought. This was further developed as part of the architecture for the web application for which I oversaw feature development, engineering and overall production workflow.

As part of my independent practice I served as a Cinematographer, Visual Effects Lead, and Technical Director for the independent Hindi feature film Kshay (2012), by director Karan Gour, which exhibited at various film festivals across the world and later got a theatrical release. As a musician and sound artist I have performed experimental electronic music at venues and events like The Indian Electronica Festival, (Blue Frog, Mumbai), 6 Foot Oscillator in a 4 foot Room (Zenzi Mills, Mumbai), Floatsam with Mukul Deora and Piere-Paolo Allesanderello (Volte, Mumbai), and other collaborative performances with artists like Kargo Pluggy, and Sadahnmo from the 3rd Thought Entertainment roster.

In 2018, filmmaker/visualist Dhanya Pilo and I co-instigated Algorave India, a collective of artists, musicians, and visualists intent on promoting programming as performance art through events called Algoraves. As an extension of this I have taught workshops and performed with live coding platforms TidalCycles, Hydra, Strudel at Fat Finger Mayhem (Max Mueller Bhavan, Mumbai, 2018 and 2019), Algorave Sheffield (UK, 2018), International Conference of Live Coding (2019, 2021), NIME (2021), Half Stack Conference (2020), Festival X (Dubai, 2022), ISMIR Conference (Bangalore, 2022), JSConf (Bangalore, 2023) and organised/curated multiple independent Algoraves in Delhi, Mumbai, Pune and Bangalore. I also happen to be the organiser/curator of the first remote VR events in the country.

Since 2018 I have been collaborating with artists from all over the world with network music performances with the intercontinental live coding ensemble Supercontinent. SuperContinent is a project led by David Ogborn of the McMasters University Networked Imagination Lab and has artists that are each at least 3000 kms apart and perform on a unique performance platform called Estuary. Earlier in 2020 I also started playing with another remote ensemble called Algomech that is a collaboration between CiLC Argentina and Algorave India.

I hold diplomas in Web Technologies, Sound Engineering, and Video Post Production from various schools in India and have a Master’s in Television Production from Birmingham City University, UK

Latest CV and Resume